Surfing in Scotland

Road Trip... This weekend, I headed to the west coast of Scotland for some surfing, still being a bit of a newbie, I decided to book a lesson which was scheduled for the Sunday morning so me and my friend headed up late Saturday afternoon and camped on the beach... how romantic?! It's around a… Continue reading Surfing in Scotland

Loch Lomond

Kayaking in Loch Lomond

Summer 2018 is well and truly underway with Scotland having a massive heatwave this week! Who needs Ibiza when you're living in 30° heat?! Typical Brit moaning about the weather but I swapped my hiking boots for my wet-suit last weekend and headed out onto the loch. It was just waaay too hot for a… Continue reading Kayaking in Loch Lomond


Healthy (Vegetarian) Hill Walking Snacks

One of my new years resolutions for 2018 was to cut down on meat and I’m proud to say that I have already went full vegetarian. 4 months in and I can honestly say that I haven’t missed it one bit! The next challenge is to become vegan… baby steps though. That’s not to say… Continue reading Healthy (Vegetarian) Hill Walking Snacks